22 Best Action Anime 2021, You Must Watch it !

Action anime is always interesting every year. In 2021, there will be many action anime titles that you must watch and look forward to. Make sure you follow this article to the end to find recommendations for exciting and exciting anime action.

Best Action Anime 2021

Some of the action anime waiting for their arrival are Attack on Titan Season 4, My Hero Academia 5, Log Horizon Season 3, The Seven Deadly Sins Season 5 and many other action anime titles.

Not only ongoing anime, but the new anime action releases are also no less exciting than ongoing anime. Call it Kemono Jihen, Tokyo Revengers, Edens Zero and many more. Anime with the action genre is synonymous with an exciting fighting style and is always stunning when watched.

Now for those of you who need anime action recommendations, this article can be the right reference. Read the article below.

22 Best Action Anime 2021

I summarize the recommendations for this anime from the Winter 2021 season to Summer 2021 because the Fall 2021 season is not available if you see it from myanimelist.

Of course, I will continue to update these anime action recommendations so that you can get references to watch exciting and exciting anime action.

#1. Attack on Titan Season 4

Attack on Titan Season 4 - Best Action Anime 2021

Human kind was slaughtered to the point of extinction by humanoid creatures that gave it the name Titan. They force humans to hide in fear behind enormous walls. To continue their lives, the remnants of humanity began living in defensive resistance.

However, that fragile calm was instantly crushed by the colossal Titan, who had managed to break through the outer walls that should have been impenetrable, reigniting the struggle for survival against man-eating abominations.

The last season shows a new civilization that has not been known to humans inside the walls. Eren Yaeger knowing the facts regarding the origin of the Titan and how it happened, revenge is about to begin.

#2. The Seven Deadly Sins Season 5

The Seven Deadly Sins Season 5 - Best Action Anime 2021

In his fourth season, Meliodas is willing to become the Demon King to save Elizabeth from the curse. However, his two younger siblings disagreed with Meliodas becoming the next demon lord. The battle for power between Meliodas, Estarossa, and Zeldris will continue in season 5.

#3. Log Horizon Season 3

Log Horizon Season 3 - Best Action Anime 2021

In the blink of an eye, 30 thousand gamers in Japan were confused because their daily lives moved to the famous MMORPG world. After getting the update, players could not leave the game Penatau Tale.

Of the many players, there is a student named Shiroe. At first, he was confused and awkward enough to communicate with other people. Shiroe must learn to live in this new world, lead others and negotiate with the natives (NPCs) to bring stability to the virtual city of Akihabara.

A story of fantasy, adventure, and politics will be depicted in the anime Log Horizon. Games that require strategy and can take advantage of situations will help survive in the Penatau Tale game.

Log Horizon anime will continue into its season 3, new problems arise. Shiroe must fight a group that wants to destroy the city of Akiba. Therefore, he and his friends must protect the town of Akiba from chaos.

#4. Kemono Jihen

Kemono Jihen - Best Action Anime 2021

Kohachi Inugami visits a remote village in rural Japan. He is a detective investigating the incident where the corpses of cattle were rotting and mutilated for no apparent reason. He noticed a boy working in the fields; the boy was avoided by his friends and called "Dorotabou" because of the smell.

Inugami is excited and asks Dorotabou to help him in the investigation. Without Dorotabou's knowledge, this investigation will reveal a strange new world known as Kemono.

#5. My Hero Academia 5

My Hero Academia 5 - Best Action Anime 2021

Boku no hero Academia Season 5 will show combat practice between Class 1-A against 1-B. There will be lots of epic battles in this fifth season; of course, class 1-B will get a lot of spotlight in the fifth season. You can find out a variety of Quirk from class 1-B, which only a few people know.

#6. Shaman King (2021)

Shaman King (2021) - Best Action Anime 2021

Manta Oyamada, an ordinary high school student who decides to take a shortcut through the funeral because he is late for class one night. He saw a male sitting on a gravestone and caught Manta's attention to approach him.

But terror came to Manta; he tried to escape from the terror that befell him. Then the boy introduced himself as You Asakura, a Shaman-in-training.

Asakusa demonstrated her strength. Because Manta can see spirits, they work together to achieve You's goal of becoming the next Shaman King.

#7. Nomad: Megalo Box 2

Nomad Megalo Box 2 - Best Action Anime 2021

The second season of the Megalo Box anime is about to begin. Joe's struggle to be the best fighter will continue, and he will face many obstacles that he will never meet before.

#8. Ex-Arm

Ex-Arm - Best Action Anime 2021

It seems that Akira Natsume has a phobia of electrical devices. She decided to change herself for the better and wanted to get a boyfriend like her brother.

Suddenly Akira was involved in an accident and died. Sixteen years later, an unusual female policeman picks up and activates an advanced AI and superweapon called Ex-Arm. But who would have thought that this AI was none other than Akira

#9. Back Arrow

Back Arrow - Best Action Anime 2021

One day, Rakuho lands in the countryside with an unexpected occupant, a mysterious black-haired man. All eyes were on this strange newcomer, who called himself the "Back Arrow." When he claims to be from somewhere beyond the walls, a revelation can potentially untangle the entire dogmatic foundation of Lingalind

#10. The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter

The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter - Best Action Anime 2021

The son of a small aristocrat named Noir began looking for a job to fulfill his life. He has a rare enough ability, a magical ability to consult a wise man.

Even so, when he used his strength, it sometimes made his head hurt badly. He received advice from wise men to advance to the dungeon filled with rare animals and magical items.

That's where he started a journey to accumulate experience and gradually change his fate.

#11. Scar on the Praeter

Scar on the Praeter - Best Action Anime 2021

Project Scard tells the story of the battle for those who have tattoos and the sealed powers of gods and beasts. The story is set in the Akatsuki Special Zone, which is a lawless zone in Tokyo.

The people who can tattoo are referred to as 'Helios' to protect the city and keep security under control.

#12. Hortensia SAGA

Hortensia SAGA - Best Action Anime 2021

Hortensia SAGA is a medieval fantasy tale that tells of war and chaos. Three years ago, the king was betrayed by one of the dukes, who then rebuilt his kingdom.

The original heir to the throne grew up secretly. Hiding under the guise of a man, he and his loyal group begin a quest to save his kingdom back.

#13. Edens Zero

Edens Zero - Best Action Anime 2021

In the kingdom of Granbell, an abandoned amusement park, Shiki has been living his life side by side with machines. One day, Rebecca and her feline friend, Happy, appear at the garden's front gate. These new arrivals were the first human contact.

When there is a rebellion in his homeland, Shikki must join Rebecca and Happy on their spaceship and escape to the boundless universe.

#14. Tokyo Revengers

Tokyo Revengers - Best Action Anime 2021

Takemichi Hanagaki's life was at its lowest point in his entire life. He knew that his ex-girlfriend, Hinata Tachibana, was killed by the Tokyo Manji Gang. They are a group of ruthless criminals who have disturbed the peace of society for some time.

Wondering where his mistake was, Takemichi suddenly finds himself on a journey 12 years ago when he was still in a relationship with Hinata.

Realizing he has a chance to make things right, he infiltrates the Tokyo Manji Gang to rewrite the future and save Hinata from her tragic fate.

#15. Mars Red

Mars Red - Best Action Anime 2021

Mars Red occurred in 1923, and vampires have been around for a long time. But now, the number of vampires is increasing, and a mysterious artificial blood source called Ascra has appeared.

The Japanese government created "Code Zero" in charge of bringing down the vampire army.

They are created by Lieutenant General Nakajima, a unit in the information warfare business, but they have been reassigned to solve the vampire crisis.

#16. I'm standing on 1,000,000 lives.

I'm standing on 1,000,000 lives. - Best Action Anime 2021

Yotsuya Yuusuke's life will continue into his second season. Yotsuya together was summoned to another strange and unknown world. His friends get the role of a hero. Unlike Yotsuya, he got the role of a farmer. That game is a story full of adventures to protect the real world from the demons and monsters they face.

#17. The World Ends with You The Animation

The World Ends with You The Animation - Best Action Anime 2021

Neku Sakuraba, a 15-year-old boy, suddenly wakes up in what appears to be the Shibuya shopping district in Tokyo, Japan. He did not know why suddenly there, he realized that he was holding a strange black pin.

After turning it over with his hand, the thoughts of the people around him ran into his head at once. Neku was surprised that he could read other people's minds; maybe this has something to do with the black pin he was holding.

The cell phone starts ringing in his pocket; he doesn't know if it's hers or not. Then he opened the cellphone and got the message "Reach 104, You have 60 minutes. Fail, and face erasure.-Te Reapers".

After knowing that the message cannot be deleted, he had to take part in the "Reapers Game" which lasted seven days.

#18. A Realist Hero's Kingdom Restoration Chronicle

A Realist Hero's Kingdom Restoration Chronicle - Best Action Anime 2021

At that time, Kazuya Souma was suddenly transferred to another world. He knew that people expected a hero to come. What is interesting is that the idea of ​​a hero, according to Souma, is efficient; he wants to rebuild the sluggish economy on the new land he is on.

Engaged to the princess and suddenly taking the throne, this realist hero must round up the talented people to help rebuild the country with administrative reforms.

#19. Idaten Deities in the Peaceful Generation

Idaten Deities in the Peaceful Generation - Best Action Anime 2021

Since the god of battle, it has been 800 years, "Idaten," who possessed extraordinary speed and strength, restrained the "devil" who led the world to destruction in fierce battles. Today, they are just old tales in a distant myth. In this peace, someone has awakened the devil from his long sleep. The fight without direction & limits will restart!

#20. Combatants Will Be Dispatched!

Combatants Will Be Dispatched! - Best Action Anime 2021

The world is almost in their grasp, the supreme leader of the Kisaragi company is an underground criminal group that turns into an evil megacorp. They decided to try to conquer the interstellar. Combat Age Six is ​​a person who will explore an alien planet.

#21. Godzilla Singular Point

Godzilla Singular Point - Best Action Anime 2021

Mei Kamino and Yuri Arikawa face an unprecedented threat. Only Mei, Yun, and their team can face a threat from Godzilla Singular Point when they are in danger.

#22. What If the Ultimately Evolved Full Dive RPG

What If the Ultimately Evolved Full Dive RPG - Best Action Anime 2021

Hiro Yuuki got the role-playing game Kiwame Quest. This game is made with the best technology; even this game claims the technology is equivalent to reality. The players can feel the graphics, NPCs' behavior, the smell of plants, and the wind's sensation sweeping the skin.

Being too realistic, Kiwane Quest uses the real-life physical abilities of the players in the game. Being hit in the game was very painful, and even cuts took days to heal. The realistic game is very stressful.


Here are the recommendations for the latest and best anime action in 2021 that you should know. Of the many action anime titles, is there anything that suits you?

For me, there are several exciting anime titles to watch, one of which is Attack on Titan Season 4.

Thank you for visiting; I look forward to other exciting articles about anime only at Ayobai. Hopefully, this article can be useful.

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